Carbon Printing

In my one-to-one carbon transfer printing workshops you will learn how to make tissue, and sensitise it, expose negatives, transfer the tissue to the final support, develop, and clear prints. I will show you a sizing technique, which is essential when using uncoated cotton rag paper as a final support.

I prefer to make prints from large format negatives, which are optimal for the carbon transfer process. If you do not have large format negatives they will be provided. Or, if you wish, we can make some using my 8 x 10 Deardorff!

“David gave me a one-to-one fully immersed master class in carbon printing last year; if he offers you the chance to make a carbon print then I can recommend it” Joe Cornish, British Landscape Photographer.

Three-day Course £600.00

What’s included:
All use of equipment and materials.
Light lunch.

What’s excluded:
Personal insurance
Evening meals


Salt Printing


Salt Print ©David Chalmers

Using salt, silver and sunlight you will learn the basics of this 19th century printing technique. Experience for yourself how the pioneers of photography made their prints.

This workshop can accommodate 2 people. Cost £50 each for a 4 hour session.

One-to-one (5 hour) sessions are available for £90.

My timetable for classes are generally flexible due to commitments to other art projects as well as commercial assignments. If you would like to enquire about attending a workshop please give an indication of preferred dates. If possible I will try my best to schedule your availability into my workflow.

Woodend Creative Workspace
The Crescent
North Yorkshire
YO11 2PW



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