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  • Raffay

    Hi, your work is truly inspiring. I am a very ordinary LF 4×5 photographer and I am struggling to understand the basics of B&W photography. No formal background so it is challenging and that makes it interesting. I am planning to move to 810 as I want to contact print since enlargers for 45 are not available here. But after seeing your work, I am thinking of including carbon printing in the list as well. Your pictures of tress are truly inspiring and I myself went out on a Sunday morning and tried to compose a shot. The picture didn’t turn out that good but the whole experience was amazing. I am not sure how I can share a pic here with you…it would be nice to get your comments.


    • DC

      Hello Raffay
      Thank you for your kind comments regarding my carbon prints. I am delighted that my work has perhaps led you to consider carbon. It is a superb process and a real challenge to create something hand crafted.
      Please let me see a jpg of your tree image, just copy with a scanner or even just a quick copy shot with digital camera?I will give you my thoughts.
      many thanks and please keep in touch


    Morning David. Have just today re-experienced your Carbon to Carbon film and am reminded of all the great work you’ve done for me over the years since we first met. I’m finally in a position where I’m able to travel to see you again, pick up the porcelain piece currently in your care, and watch you make magic in the studio.

    Will be in touch this next week.

    Very best wishes to you and Angie – MAGGIE BARNES

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