Charcoal Maker

The winter snow fell early in 2010. Inspired by the heavy snowfall I began to explore the forest of Wykeham. The snow levels had been building as each day passed and I had excitedly made several negatives. During a calm, yet freezing cold late afternoon, I drove to make one last image of the day, which I had seen earlier. Whilst driving along I unfortunately mis-judged the depth of the roadside drift and lodged my vehicle on a bed of three foot deep snow.

For the first time in several days of exploring the forest tracks I became stuck, not seriously…but stuck!

I began digging out my vehicle for about ten minutes when a yellow Defender County drove towards me. I spoke to the driver who asked for a rope in order to pull me out of the drift. As we untied and unhooked the ropes I thanked him and he introduced himself as David, the charcoal maker.

Destiny had played an uncanny card, as I had been searching previously for charcoal makers in the region, where I could buy charcoal dust in order to make my own black pigmented ink. It seems obvious to me now that the raw materials from local trees to make images of local trees should play an integral part in this project.

Meeting David, the charcoal maker will perhaps be significant, as it enabled me to proceed in the manufacturing of my carbon prints in their entirety. David has been making charcoal for over twenty years in the forest where he lives. I can’t believe that I found him in this way.


One response to “Charcoal Maker

  • Luis A Guevara

    It would be most useful if you could tell us how to contact David as many of us would like to make our own charcoal black pigmented ink ,even if it doesn’t come from our regional forests. Thanks

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